Sunday, July 26, 2009

WOW. I Finally Met Huell Howser

Those of you (all two of you who read the blog at this point) who aren't from Southern California or at least aren't in your 40s and from Nashville probably don't know who I am talking about, but I met California's coolest celebrity today at the Hollywood Farmer's Market.

It was really rather cool, because I do a pretty good impersonation of the guy and because he is really a champion for the little wonderful things about this state that often get overlooked.

True to form, Huell was making a big deal about something. Today it was some free range eggs from one of the stalls. Since he was filming, I got to see Howser's famous unseen cameraman and also caught Huell peaking into the camera looking at the dailies.

So Huell, from me to you, WOW that was Huell Howser.

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